Getting Started in Beekeeping

Getting Started as a Beekeeper

Education and homework are key preparation items when looking to pursue beekeeping. Regardless of all of the reading you do and equipment you buy, the education seems to be a continual process. In fact long time beekeepers, when interviewed, will readily admit with great humility that they are always learning from the bees. With that being said, beware of beekeepers with only a couple of years of experience, who seem to “know it all” and likewise when learning from books and the Internet, always ask yourself if the information makes sense. There is a lot of mis-information out there and even some absolutely fallacious statements, so be mindful, ask a lot of questions, consider your source, observe what is going on in the hive, work with a mentor if you can. Beekeeping is a wonderful hobby which opens your awareness of subtle interactions in nature.

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