The Sierra Foothill Beekeepers Association was started in 2010 to serve hobbyist beekeepers in Mariposa, Tuolumne, Calaveras and Amador Counties of Central California. We encourage sustainable, treatment free beekeeping practices and promote beekeeping with local genetic stock which has proven ability to thrive at our elevation, climate and with the plant life that blooms here. Our association provides education in the form of classes, mentoring and educational outreach. Meetings are held monthly from February through October in Mariposa, Jamestown and Jackson. If you have questions or would like more information, please see our Contact page on this website or call 209-288-4945 (New Number).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sierra Foothill Beekeepers Association is to facilitate education and community awareness about honeybees, beekeeping and native pollinators within the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California while actively encouraging responsible, sustainable beekeeping practices. This mission is supported by the following activities:

  • Provide opportunities for interested beekeepers and the public to periodically meet, socialize and share useful information related to honeybees, native pollinators, beekeeping and related topics.
  • Provide public education on the importance of honeybees to agriculture and our local communities through presentations to schools, clubs and other interested groups, participation in fairs, festivals and other public venues.
  • Organizing formalized instruction in beginning and intermediate beekeeping classes taught by highly experienced beekeepers.
  • Facilitating a mentoring program whereby new beekeepers can work with experienced beekeepers to gain knowledge, experience and confidence in beekeeping practices.
  • Create and maintain a website that supports our mission and provides ongoing education resources to the public.
  • Connecting the Sierra Foothill communities by providing a listing for resources such as local packaged bee suppliers, local queen suppliers, local honey suppliers and other related local beekeeping suppliers.

Values Statement

  • We encourage healthy bee colonies through quality education and mentor-ship as well as mindful, responsible beekeeping practices.
  • We encourage sustainable beekeeping practices, which foster awareness of the deep connection between pollinating insects, humans, place and the wider earth community.
  • We recognize the importance of stimulating the local economy by supporting local crafts persons, producers of bee products, and beekeeping suppliers.
  • We encourage a role of stewardship, preservation and enhancement of honeybee and native pollinator populations.