Swarm Collection


To have a swarm removed from your property, please call 209-288-4945 (New Number) or contact a beekeeper directly in your area.

We offer free information on services for swarm removal and bees in structures and trees. You will be saving this valuable pollinator from extinction by allowing a beekeeper to provide a safe home for your bees.  PLEASE NOTE: If bees have taken up residence in a building, it likely will need to be opened up to retrieve the bees, comb and honey. Although all options will be discussed, the owner of the building is responsible for the cost of the repairs to the building and some beekeepers will charge a fee for the extra effort to retrieve bees from the structure.

Amador County

Larry Jones                       209-267-5674

Angels Camp, CA

Greg Gran                          209-414-0173
Rainer Blankenhorn        209-736-2590

Calaveras County


Mariposa County

Tim Bryant                          209-742-6191

San Andreas

Tuolumne County

Linda Reavley                    209-533-0615

Sutter Creek, CA

Larry Jones                        209-267-5674

Lodi, CA

Lyndon Johnson                209-768-6403